Is mehmz real?
Yes! Mehmz is a real app, brought to you by the same, friendly people at Zazzle. PS. It's available for download on iOS and Android.

How do I report offensive of copyrighted content?
You can contact us at or tweet us at

How do I contact you?
You can contact us at or tweet us at

Can I delete my mehmz account?
Yes, to delete your account and / or your content on mehmz, you can email us at Note, you will also need to update your Facebook settings as well.

Do I need to register with Facebook?
Yes, but we will support other ways to register, very soon!

Do I have to expose my Facebook friends list for mehmz?
Yes, for now. Currently, mehmz uses your list of Facebook friends to know who you can invite into a group in mehmz.

Uh oh. I didn't allow mehmz to use my Facebook friends list and now I don't see anybody else in mehmz with me. What do I do?
For now, you just need to delete the mehmz app from your phone, remove the mehmz app from your Facebook settings, re-install the mehmz app on your phone and start mehmz fresh. Easy peasy!

How do I share memes that I've made?
We are looking for ways to export your memes which we hope will be available in a future update, soon!

How do I report bugs or issues?
Feel free to leave feedback on the mehmz feedback group, email, or tweet us!

What devices do you support?
You can use mehmz on iOS (iPhone 6s and higher) as well as Android (Google Pixel - 1st Generation is recommended)