Community Guidelines

Mehmz was created to help our community communicate, hopefully in a funny, “you just made me snort out my drink!” kinda way.  To make sure everyone has fun with Mehmz, there are some basic guidelines we need you to keep in mind and follow as you create your masterpieces…

1.     Mehmz should be fun and friendly – don’t create or share memes that are hurtful or mean to others.

2.     Mehmz should only include people who want to be here – make sure you respect everyone’s privacy and have the consent of any person you depict in your memes first!  This includes anyone’s personal, private or sensitive information, so no addresses, phone numbers, passwords or other personal information.

3.     Mehmz have limits:

a.     No bullies – don’t use Mehmz to stalk, harass, bully or threaten someone, including by using hate speech against anyone based on their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

b.     No nudes – don’t show any nudity, sex acts or other sexually explicit material in your memes.

c.     No violence or harm – don’t show any violence (that’s death, mutilation, gore, abuse or assault, to other people or animals) or use your memes to encourage self-harm (that’s anything related to suicide, self-mutilation or eating disorders).

d.     No illegal activity – don’t show it, don’t use Mehmz to engage in or promote it.

If anyone uses your copyrighted material on Mehmz without authorization, please follow the directions in the “Intellectual Property Policy” section of the Zazzle User Agreement (, which agreement is incorporated herein by reference.