Q: Do I have to register using Facebook to use mehmz?

A: For now, yes. But other ways of registering is coming very soon.

Q: Do I have to expose my Facebook friends list for mehmz?

A: Again, yes, for now. Currently, mehmz uses your list of Facebook friends to know who you can invite into a group in mehmz.

Q: Uh oh. I didn't allow mehmz to use my Facebook friends list and now I don't see anybody else in mehmz with me. What do I do?

A: We're working on this and related issues. For now, you need to delete the mehmz app from your phone, remove the mehmz app from your Facebook settings, re-install the mehmz app on your phone and start mehmz fresh. Easy peasy!

Q: How do I share all the awesome memes that I'm making now?

A: Right now you can't (other than taking a screenshot). But very soon you'll be able to share to other groups in mehmz, share outside of mehmz (like to Facebook, Twitter, text message, that kind of stuff), and some really exciting, kind of still secret other stuff that we can't quite talk about yet.